Community Gardens


Unknown. Late Summer and Fall Perennials. 8/9/2012. Rhode Island. Urban Roots Community Garden Center. 26/5/2012

The image depicts a great aspect in an urban landscape, which is community. This community garden is located in buffalo street new york. As could be seen by the angle that the picture was taken, the garden is is one of the larger green spaces in the surrounding community. As well, it is one of the main places where socializing is taking place. The straight rows formed by the gardens allow individuals to view each other and also creates small rooms where the person in the left could talk to the person in the right. In addition, it is a site where people could obtain their produce locally.

The thing that I find interesting about the picture is that it captures “small scale socializing” in an urban garden; a view that is often difficult to find seeing how there is a lack of community gardens in cities. Thereby, for these scenes to be seen more often we need to increase the amount of gardens in cities. Not only will there be an increase in socializing but, an increase in sustainability, better nutrition, etc.

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